Lunch Lady: The League of Librarians  



Krosoczka, Jarrett. 2009. Lunch Lady: The League of Librarians. New York: Knopf Books.                                                                         

ISBN 9780375846847


Plot Summary

In the second book of the Lunch Lady Series, The League of Librarians, by Jarrett Krosoczka, the Lunch lady and her sidekick Betty have noticed that the school librarian has become cold and sneaky. What can the librarian be hiding? Hector, Dee, and Terrence and of the Breakfast Bunch cannot get the librarian to smile or be friendly as she had been before. When the Breakfast Bunch attends a book fair their suspicions are aroused when they discover a plot by the league of Librarians to destroy all video games. Lunch Lady and Betty are working undercover to solve the librarian mystery at the school and the breakfast Bunch decides to help investigate. Lunch Lady is on the case and the Breakfast Bunch is along for a wild ride in this action packed graphic novel.


Serving justice . . . and lunch!”


Critical Analysis

Lunch Lady:The League of Librarians, by Jarrett Krosoczka is the second graphic novel in the Lunch Lady series. This was my first exposure to a graphic novel and I was very impressed with Mr. Krosoczka’s full page illustrations. His use of vivid colors made the lively cartoon pictures come alive and young readers appreciate striking visuals in their books. The Lunch Lady series is age appropriate and filled with mystery, adventure and action. Lunch Lady: The League of Librarians is a fun and appealing connection between fantasy fiction and graphic interpretation.  The character of Lunch Lady is fantasy but readers like her and her adventuresome personality. The Breakfast Bunch members exist in every school across America. This is a group of students who are friends and enjoy each other’s company. These are your average students and this why readers will identify with them. The plot of this graphic novel is fiction but it is the kind of fiction that young readers find appealing. The librarian is plotting to destroy all video games, steal money from the school and take over the world! The librarian is the villain and the Lunch Lady has to stop her. The setting of this novel is a public school, with a cafeteria and a library. Young readers will have a clear picture of this setting and can visualize the Lunch Lady and librarian as they move about the school.  The theme for this graphic novel is simple; good triumphs over evil! This type graphic novel gives young readers a foundation of what is expected in society, what is right, and how to make things right.  The author uses age appropriate language in this graphic novel and elementary readers, as well as, pre-teens, will enjoy the suspense and action. This graphic novel is filled with humor and dialogue that will capture and hold a young readers interest.



This graphic novel has not won any awards. However, Mr. Krosoczka has been awarded the following.

The IRA/CBC Children’s Choice Award, 2002, 2004 – winner

Charlotte Award, 2012 – Nominee 

Children’s Choices Book Awards, 2011 – Winner

“3rd Grade  to 4th Grade Book of the Year” 

Review Excerpts


School Library Journal

“When not serving up French fries and gravy to students, Lunch Lady escapes to her secret kitchen lair to lead the life of a crime fighter. Using an assortment of lunch-themed gadgets (created by her sidekick Betty), she is definitely a quirky superhero. Tipped off by the Breakfast Bunch (three students who discovered Lunch Lady’s crime-fighting alter ego in Book 1), she attempts to foil the plans of the evil League of Librarians, who seek to destroy all video games. The black-and-white pen-and-ink illustrations have splashes of yellow in nearly every panel. The clean layout, featuring lots of open space, is well suited for the intended audience. Terrence, Hector, and Dee become more developed in this second installment in the series, especially Dee, who asserts herself as the strong-willed leader of the group. The winking references to book fairs, read-a-thon enrollment, and media specialists fit well with the story line. With its appealing mix of action and humor, this clever, entertaining addition to the series should have wide appeal.”


Children’s Literature

When her Apple Alarm alerts her to a crime in progress, crime fighter Lunch Lady knows it is time to leap into action! Armed with her Taco-Vision Night Goggles and aided by her trusty sidekick/assistant server Betty, Lunch Lady serves up justice to everyone from muggers to crime syndicates, but, when Lunch Lady’s young informants, the Breakfast Bunch, alert her to an evil plot by the League of Librarians to destroy all video games, can even a super-powered cafeteria worker stop a group of villains capable of sending an evil Black Stallion or Cheshire Cat against her? Inspired by author/artist Jarret J. Krosoczka’s crazy ideas about his own elementary school lunch lady, much of the book’s humor comes from Lunch Lady’s cafeteria-themed gadgets, including the Spork Phone, Hairnet Nets, and Sonic Boom Juice Box. For a graphic novel meant to encourage reading, however, the story delivers some mixed messages about librarians, as the librarians are portrayed as video game-hating villains who knock people out with dictionaries and attack superheroes with evil versions of literary characters. At one point, the heroes even toss the librarians’ books into the river to defeat the villains. Overall, the book plays with some clever concepts and provides some diversionary entertainment but is not particularly filling.”



Describe and discuss the cafeteria at the reader’s school.

Describe and discuss the Lunch Lady. Could she solve a mystery?

Ask the readers if they could go undercover to solve a mystery?



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